I am a devoted amateur photographer from Sweden, who wants to capture the beauty  of the

landscape. My soul is in the landscapes of Norway and Sweden but also the monumental

landscapes in the southwest of USA have impressed me. I work with medium format 6x6 cm

on Fuji Velvia and in B&W on Kodak T-max 100. Making my own B&W prints in the darkroom

is still a great pleasure. An Epson V750 Pro is used for scanning and I prefer to make my digital work in Adobe Lightroom. Sometimes I make pictures also with my compact digital camera.

However it´s not the same joy with that as with the medium format camera. The finder in my

medium format camera gives me full control before releasing the shutter. I feel an honour in

having everything settled in the moment of capture.


PORTFOLIOS   1. USA    2. Lofoten    3. Hönö    4. Ramsvikslandet    5. Gubbanäsan 

                          6. Gubbanäsan    7. Abisko    8. Rondane    9. Jotunheimen    10. Stora Amundön 



My Landscapes

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